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Carnival Fun!


Every year for the past 5 years I’ve had an Article of Faith Carnival for my Activity Day Girls.  It was started as a way to encourage the girls to learn their articles of faith and it succeeded.

The foundation of our carnival is games that we encourage the girls to repeat the articles of faith as many times as they need to until they are comfortable with them and also to reward and praise them for any efforts.  Believe it or not it is fun!

Some games that we have played were:
balloon game

a of f ballon pop


  1. Put all of an article of faith cut up into strips into balloons.  Girl pops balloon (by stomping on it or jumping on it) and has to put together Article of Faith as quickly as possible.  Best when two or more girls are competing.
  2. Write Article of Faith # on piece of paper and put  into balloon.  Girl pops balloon and recites  Article of Faith or as much as she knows.  We even accept it if she can tell us what the Article of Faith is about.
  3. Same as #2 only use key word for Article of Faith.

name that tune


The girls LOVE this game.  It’s great for the very end of any activity when you have a few minutes to keep them busy.  The girls should already be familiar or exposed to the Article of Faith Songs available on  (Search by keyword: First, Second, Thirteenth, etc.).  Playing the music on a DVD player, Ipod, Ipad or any music player.  Two girls stand opposite each other with a bell or buzzer on the table in front of them.  (I bought my bells at an office supply store years ago.  Don’t recall which one.) Girls place on hand on t he table, the other behind their back.  When music starts the first to identify which article of Faith is playing wins.  They can identify by number or recite the whole Article of Faith.  ( I also like to mess with them a bit by playing the songs for the New Testament, Old Testament and Book of Mormon).
fishing game


create some kind of a curtain.  Make a ‘fishing pole’ from a piece of doweling and some string.  I have attached/tied a clip to mine.    The girl tosses her fishing ‘line’ over the curtain.  On the other side a leader selects a card with an Article of Faith number or key word on it.  The girls pulls it back over and recites as much of the Article of Faith as she can.  Note:  I do allow the girls to bring their books and read them for help if needed.  We have found it is helpful.  This is why the girls get ‘punches’ out of their lanyard cards for every try but a stamp on the back for perfect recitations (without book).  This process has allowed the girls who are more advanced to challenge themselves and allows the younger girls to still compete without feeling completely overwhelmed.
matching game

a of f memory

Easy, Fun…. We do the matching game all the time.  Match keyword and number of Article of Faith.  Any girl who gets a match get’s an additional turn.  Play as teams if you have lots of younger or girls who are struggling.  Play as individuals if you have older, more confident girls.



I bought a ‘previously loved’ Bingo cage.  I painted some wooden beads that are the same size as the balls (you could just spray paint the balls too but mine didn’t come with any) and write one number of the Articles of Faith on each ball.  (I like to make extra’s of the lower numbers).  The girls each get a  turn rolling the Bingo cage.  When a ball comes out they read the number off it and recite it.  Optional:  use bingo cards to track their passed off numbers.  We use skittles to mark off ours.  The girls love eating the skittles at the end of a round.

Life Walk

This is arranged like a Cake Walk.  We tape a large rectangle on the floor and divide that rectangle into different sections.  Each with a number on it.  The girls roll the dice (these are big dice made of styrofoam but I’ve also seen cute dice @ the dollar tree and @   The girl rolls the dice and walks the amount on the dice.  (We usually just use one die.) She then recites the Article of Faith associated with that number.  Alternate:  Can be made harder by having the girl recite the Article of Faith before moving to the new spot.  Harder:  don’t use any books or prompts.  Easy: use the books.
wheel of  faith

One of my co-leaders created this.  It stands about 5 feet tall. She made it all herself out of stuff in her hubby’s workshop.  I am in awe.  I found a wonderful tutorial for a table top version of a spinner wheel @  This game is simple.  Spin the wheel.  Recite the Article of Faith that the girl lands on.  Optional: have them recite the keyword (or a keyword).  This spinner has an ‘extra’ spot.  The girls who land on that spot get a treat, or you could tell them that they get to pick which Article of Faith to recite.

As they play games they received stamps on lanyards for every Article of Faith that was accurately (100%) recited. Each time they recited, recognized, learned part of….etc…we praise for EVERYTHING….and they got a punch on their card. Punches around the outside of the lanyard, stamps on the back.  Last year 6 of the girls recited all 13 correctly.  33 Articles of F were passed off!!!  FYI: That’s a lot!

Our theme is Bee’s so all of our decorations, invitations and even the chocolate trophy’s for their gift bags are in a bee theme. Just for reference. I used a lot of Lettering Delight’s graphics for all of our invitations, posters, etc. I love lettering delights. They’re a fantastic company specializing in fun, digital artwork.

WE finished our carnival by eating pizza and yummy ‘Bee’ themed cupcakes and each of the girls received a certificate with the articles of faith that they passed off, goodie bags with chocolate ‘trophies’ in them (Yummy!) and I also made some decorative plaques that have the definition of the word believe.  All in all I think this was a very successful activity.  I had so much fun.

4 comments on “Carnival Fun!

  1. Glenna
    October 9, 2014

    This is exactly what I was looking for!!! Thanks for sharing.

    • hopescraps
      October 9, 2014

      I’m glad this is helpful!!!!!!! Please let me know if you do an activity like this and how it goes!

  2. Beth
    February 2, 2015

    what a cute and clever idea. i have been looking for something to do for everyone. i have a lot of girls that don’t care to do articles of faith so it makes it hard to motivate them. this would be a fun saturday morning activity. thanks so much for sharing

    • hopescraps
      July 1, 2016

      I’m glad you like this! I did these activities grouped as a carnival but I also did them as small individual activities during the year or even time fillers at the ends of activities, waiting for parents to arrive (hello name that tune). It gets the girls used to memorizing the articles of faith and also makes it less intimidating.

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