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Teaching the Articles of Faith

I am a big believer in teaching the Articles of Faith.  I have come to have a testimony of them.  I know they are scripture.  They are also a great way to introduce our children to not only the basics of the gospel but also to ‘how’ to memorize scripture.  Memorizing the Articles of Faith does not need to be boring- it can actually be quite fun.  Each month we highlight an article of faith.  We talk about what they mean and we play a game or something.  We spend only a few minutes but it works.  It’s also really helpful if they’re also being re-enforced in Primary.

Ways to teach and re-enforce the Articles of Faith

Flash cards– There are some really cute ones @ Cedar Creek Kids

Articles of Faith Songs, keywords search use “Second, nineth”, etc.) Links to the songs and various other activities are in under resources for teaching children by topic.

Name that tune (using the articles of Faith Songs)



Tic tac toe (regular)

Tic tac Toe (life sized).  Use tape to create a grid on the floor and place markers (or people) to determine winner.  I’ve also used tent stakes and twin to create a grid outside.  Working in teams, I usually assign the eldest girl the role of team captain.  A team member draws a card out of a bucket or bowl or whatever I have handy.  (I have made cards that have the articles of Faith #’s on them -the same ones I use for fishing).  The girls can then recite the Article of Faith all by themselves or as a team.  When they get it correct the team captain can then direct the girl who drew the card to a square.  I’ve used X’s and O’s as markers, I’ve also done flowers and suns… whatever.  They do love it.  It captures their attention.  (They also love to rip up the tape!)




Crossword puzzles located in the ‘Friend’ archives. Links to the puzzles and various other activities are @

Interactive games (online @

Waterballoon, ball, bean bag toss– two people standing across from each other gently tossing a water balloon, ball or bean bag to each other reciting a chosen article of faith.  If the balloon pops or the ball or bean bag is dropped the recitation starts over.  It is the most fun when you either alternate words (one player says the first, the other player says the second etc.) OR the recitation speeds up.  Accuracy is important.


Scrambled words, puzzles–  There are some cute ones on

Connect four– take an old game of connect four.  # circle stickers 1-13.  Make two sets of colored stickers and attach to connect four tokens.  Play game as usual.  Child or Adult can only play a token if they have recited that number’s corresponding Article of Faith.


Fly swatter game or slap it game.  Post the numbers or the keywords of the articles of faith around the room or for a smaller less energetic game write them on cards or papers and lay on the table.  Begin reading an article of faith and the first person who ‘slaps’ the correct # or keyword wins.

Magnets– purchase sheet magnets or printer magnets.  Print out the Articles of Faith and cut them into individual words and have family members assemble the Articles of Faith correctly.

Jeopardy– There are some fun versions of Articles of Faith Jeopardy on line. has links to a few.   Best suited to older children who are more confident in their skills.

Sign language–  I once learned the first article of faith in sign language and taught it.  I’ve never taught such a quiet group of girls EVER!!  Now, most of the Articles of faith do have very complex language and would be challenging for a beginner but numbers 1-4 translate well.  It would be awesome to get someone who’s proficient in sign language to teach.


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